3 friends, re-unite for a wedding, and one night, that changes it all

2close2u   (101min     2K    englisch)

Regie : Steffen Baermann

Drehzeitraum : Dezember 2014 bis April 2015

Fertiggestellt : Sommer 2016





Cathy : Katharina Sporrer

Florian : Robert Maaser

Maggie : Anne-Catrin Märzke

Helen : Anne Patricia Nilles



Cathy is a successful lawyer with issues dealing with the opposite sex, due to a traumatic experience with her teenage fantasy, Ben.

After being away for 13 years, Cathy returns to Berlin for her best friend, Maggie’s wedding. At the hen’s night, she runs off in panic when forced to dance with the super sexy male stripper, Florian. Fate steps over when Helen, Cathy’s high-school rival, accidentally spills her drink and causes a power outage as Florian jumps into the same elevator that Cathy is in. The elevator grinds to a stop, trapping the unlikely couple together.

As Helen goes off with the DJ for a wild night and Maggie heads home unaware, Cathy begins an unexpected and painful journey into her past, confronted by surprising revelations within the closed confines of an elevator… .





Director : Steffen Baermann

DOP : Jakob Creutzburg

Edit : Vanessa Rossi

Musik : Stephan Hinz







Director’s Statement

“Generation Y” has smartphones, wears the same kind of clothes, shops in the same shops and eats the same food, whether you are in New York, Berlin or Singapore. Individual identities are diluted because they are fed by mass media and international marketing campaigns with the same kind of ideals of what is beautiful, successful and happy.

In ‘2close2u’, I tried to create the characters based on typical Generation Y stereotypes. It starts off with a simple story: a girl and a boy meet in an elevator, or rather get trapped in it involuntarily.

And step-by-step we start to see that behind that polished ‘identity’, beautiful clothes and technological connectivity, lie messy human beings, with disconnected emotions, desire and fear. Having travelled the world, working and living in many different countries, I did recognize that we all share the same values and fears when it comes to our inner feelings about relationships, love and sex. Although the story of ‚2Close2u‘ is set in Berlin, it can also take place anywhere and would be  just as relevant there too.

This film is not trying to change the world by addressing any political topic. Ultimately, it simply focuses on the search for happiness of “modern people” who seem to have everything. With this movie I wished to address some questions. How far should we live out our own desires? Should we control them, like Cathy, or seize for every opportunity, like Helen?

How honest should we be (e.g., admitting being gay, like Ben) and what may happen if we weren’t? What can we expect from people we are close to? What can happen if we trust others without doubt? And what might happen if we are constantly hiding our feelings, afraid of talking about our own desires?