Imagine a company without hidden power games or turf battles. A company that knowingly keeps up a very open culture of survival of the fittest.

Bruises become a proud sign of lost or won battles. If you have a dispute with someone, you can fight it out right away. This is what makes the company strong. In all other companies, nobody has the guts to drive decisions anymore, because men have been turned into cowards. They must suppress their natural instincts because they are bound by company policies which force them to act ethically correct. Their companies become as weak as them

Daniel has been caught for doping because of a shoulder injury and is forced to quit his career as a sportsman. Invited to join an international consulting company, he suddenly is pulled into the world of corporate business, power and a life of luxury and success. Soon he realizes, there is a price to pay. The deeper he is getting involved, the more he is forced to act against his moral beliefs. Again he is in danger of losing everything if he does not do, what the company demands. Maybe it is already to late to back out.